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A Leading Rhode Island Supplier for custom screen printed tees, custom embroidery and an awesome array of other custom offerings, Elite Screen Printing & Embroidery is your one stop location. Located in Warwick, Rhode Island, Elite has been providing clients with quality screen printed tees & sweets, and embroidered products for over 15 years. Their knowledgeable and helpful staff have created thousands of custom screen printed and custom embroidered products, including (but certainly not limited to) jerseys, jackets, uniforms, mugs, and regular tee shirts. Whether your design comes from their online Design Booth or is made by their in-house experts, Elite Screen Printing & Embroidery is ready to help in every step of the process, and will have your order ready in 10 business days or less. Period.

All of our items are printed, embroidered, inspected, and packaged at our Rhode Island facility. This allows us to be sure that every order is of the highest quality. If you are not satisfied with your order for any reason, send it back to receive a full refund. Simply put, we are committed to your satisfaction with the products that we sell and services that we provide.

Thank you for taking the time learn more about us.

Bob Dandurand - Owner

Nicky Aldridge - Manager


What makes Elite different? If you have a few extra minutes you owe it to yourself to learn what makes Elite different from many other shops.


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At Elite, we take great pride in making sure that the embroidery we produce is of the highest quality using the latest software, the highest quality machines and taking the time to make sure that your name, logo, or monogrammed item is the best it can be.  

All of our work including our digitizing services are performed in-house.  What does that mean to you? Many "embroiders" are nothing more than machine operators. You order the product, they take a generic design from a catalog, add some text, and voila... you have a design. The problem with those catalog designs are they are designed the same for every machine and software available without taking any consideration of what it may look like. Without proper training to be a professional digitizer those "embroiders" have no knowledge of what to do to fix the problems. 

Embroidery designs require different elements, sew sequences, underlay stitching and thread pull compensations for different products. Designs that are made to perform well on stretchy performance fabric will not stitch well on caps. Threads will be loose, registration between elements of the design may not line up and many other problems may arise. 

OUTSOURCING    At Elite, we will never outsource our customers work like many other embroidery businesses do. Many "sports" stores send out their embroidery and screen printing to fulfilment locations. If there is an quality issue with the work those stores find out about the issues when they pick up the product. At that point the product is all completed, the fulfilment shop will not take responsibility, and you are left with a disappointing experience.